I am not in the business of making or selling kits. All my make projects are currently released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC BY-SA 3.0). I try to support Open Source Hardware and I will put up the source code, parts list, and Eagle files whenever I have time. But I am curious if there is interest in me/someone offering a kit of any of these projects. E-mail me: larsi.org@gmail.com

Multi-touch Interface
First Prototype
Optical Distance Sensor
The Arduino Monome Project
MAME Interface
First Prototype
RGB Encoder
First Prototype
Simple Controller
First Prototype
Weather Station
Arduino, Processing, and Database
6 Vertical Sensors
Kill A Watt
Logging V, A, and W
SparkFun Weather Board
1-Wire Control
Real-time Data Logging
Hex10 - 271 LEDs
LED Cube3 Shield
27 LEDs
LED 6×5 Shield
30 LEDs
LED Coffee Table
49 Bliptronics LED Pixel RGB 8mm
Peggy 400h
4 W-Robot 16×16 Displays
Pololu 3pi Robot
Pan & Tilt Sensors
Double D-Pad Shield
8 Buttons