ATtinyX5 - TV-B-Gone Shield

This shield is based on the TV-B-Gone kit by Adafruit (original design by Mitch Altman). The shield is much simpler, because many parts are already on the ATtinyX5 - board. The modular design makes it easy to replace the IR emitting part with something different (maybe a more powerful shield).

Parts List

4 Resistor 47Ω ¼W - yellowpurpleblackgold
1 Resistor 10kΩ ¼W - brownblackorangegold
2 IR LED 5mm, Narrow Beam
2 IR LED 5mm, Wide Beam
1 LED 3mm, generic
1 Ceramic Oscillator 8.00 MHz
4 NPN Transistor PN2222 (TO-92 Package)