ATtinyX5 - board

It is not easy to just play around with ATtinyX5 (ATtiny13a, ATtiny25, ATtiny45, or ATtiny85) chips. Just setting up the power, programming header, reset with resistor, and the two recommended capacitors is already an hassle. Also, the data pins are on both sides of the chip witch makes the setup more difficult than it should be. I wanted to have a easy Arduino like setup, a polarized power supply, and the option of having shields. There are other projects that are similar (but there was always something I did not like): tinkerlog's ATtiny breadboard headers or AVR mini board with additional boards

I decided to add the following components to the breakout board:

Parts List

1 Microcontroller ATtiny13a, ATtiny25, ATtiny45, or ATtiny85
1 Resistor 10kΩ ¼W - brownblackorangegold
1 6mm Push Button Omron B3F-1000