The Handyscan 3D is a powerful device to create a 3D model of a physical object.

I was involved in all aspects of the device, from calibrating the scan, marker setup, scanning objects, to cleaning up the 3D models.

Here are some samples of my experiments with the device and the cleanup with Materialise's 3-matic. These are not tutorials. All these object were requested by students and faculty.

Here are two views of the model directly after the scan. Some large parts are missing.
The finished cleanup
The Rapid Prototype model created from the cleaned up model.
These are the two scans (top and bottom) that needed to be cleaned and stitched.
The cleaned up model
The original sneaker
The original model and the two positions it was scanned.
The two scans combined
Aligned with “N Points Registration”
Aligned after “Global Registration”
The old method:
Create a small gap between the two parts and stitch it
The new method:
“Glue Meshes”
The cleaned up model