I really like the designs by Carly Wright. So, this design is influenced by her, but unfortunately I am really inexperienced in general metal work and I do not know how to enamel. At the moment I cannot create pieces with such fine details. So I decided to design the piece pretty big to leave some room for error. I still wanted to get a stepped effect and I made each step 2mm wide. The final mask (the third layer) is 4mm wide. That should cover most of the mistakes that I can possibly make. Instead of using the enameling technique I used three different copper pieces in the second layer - one has a hammered texture and two use the mill with different materials (burlap and a metal mesh). That means I need a thin silver frame in the second layer, because I want the outside to be silver only.

You can download the basic design by clicking on the image. It should be printed with 600dpi for the correct scale.

I color coded the different layers. The first layer is just a silver back plate. The second layer has a silver frame and three copper pieces with different textures. The third layer is a mask to hide the connecting edges of the four different pieces of the second layer.

The piece is pretty big and I do not want it to be too heavy. I decided to make the silver parts from 20 gauge fine silver flat sheet. The copper parts are 18 gauge, because the hammering and the mill will make them much slimmer.


A lot of work went already in. It shows the first and second layer soldered together. The third layer is ready for the final soldering. I decided that the top part is to small for a ring so I filled it off. I have to think about a better way to connect the pendant to a chain...


The final pendant. I decided to use a tube on the top (recommendation of my instructor). Unfortunately the tweezers that supported the tube pinched it when I soldered everything together. The tube just warmed up so much faster than the pendant. Besides this it worked out pretty well and everything is nicely polished.