1750 ml Bourbon (1 big bottle, a.k.a. 1 handle)
¾ lb Fresh Ripe Figs (I prefer mission figs, but brown turkey or celeste are good too)


  1. Pour some of the bourbon in a beaker (roughly 1 cup - to make room for the figs).
  2. Remove stems and quarter figs.
  3. Add figs to the bourbon.
  4. Top off the bottle with bourbon from the beaker and close tight.
  5. Allow to sit in a cool, dry place for at least two weeks (the figs will start raising to the top). Shake occasionally.
  6. Strain the infusion through a very fine mesh or cheesecloth in a clean container, clean bourbon bottle and poor infusion back in the original bottle.
  7. You can save the bourbon-soaked figs into an airtight container for other recipes or as garnish.

The bourbon can be kept at room temperature for a few month. The figs should be refrigerated and consumed soon.